Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tips:-Home Hair Care

Sunday, November 1, 2009
Take 1cap of olive oil, mix with egg, apply it to the hair, hold for 1/2hr and then wash it with warm water.... it will show you the better result

apply lemon juice on scalp and hair.........and wash it with warm water....ur dandrufff wil gayab......and ur hair shines

Apply Yoghurt mixed with egg 2 hours before taking headbath for a shiny and healthy hair

Take olive oil and double heat it then after apply it in root scalp first and after apply it to the whole hair then leave to hardly 2hrs then wash it with shampoo and a good conditioner you can see your hair bouncing

Are you hairs falls, Then Use the Following Tips:
Take 500ml of Coconut oil and 200ml of Mehandi Juice, Pure in pan Let them to boil until Mehandi Juice Get dry in the coconut oil .Then use twice a day in a week. You can see good result.

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