Sunday, November 1, 2009

Take Care Of Hairs During Winter

Sunday, November 1, 2009
A few tips to keep your hair healthy and looking good during winter

Cover your hair: The winds and cold of winter tend to damage your hair. Cover your hair every time you step outside. Use a cap, scarf, hat or any other form of headgear based on its convenience.

Make sure that your head covering is not too tight and does not cut off blood circulation. Before putting anything on your head, moisturize your hair and wear a scarf underneath a hat or cap to avoid damaging your hair.

Moisturize your hair: Extra moisturizing is required during the winter because the hair tends to dry faster. Products containing coconut oil like cetearyl or cetyl alcohol are of great help. Applying a hot oil treatment once a week keeps your hair nourished.

Remember to condition your hair after every wash. If your hair is extremely dry you can use a moisturizing shampoo in addition to a conditioner. You could also use a leave in conditioner. Be sure to condition the ends of the hair as they tend to dry out the most. Use cold water when rinsing to lock moisture in the hair. Deep condition the hair once a week to have soft and silky hair during the winter.

Avoid frequent washes: If you wash your hair too often during the winter it loses its nourishment. Instead of washing your hair everyday wash it two or three times a week. If you normally wash your hair three times a week, wash it once a week. This helps preserve the hair’s natural oils.

Avoid chemicals and hot items on hair: Do not color, straighten or use other chemical products too often during winter. Using hot items on the hair like an iron or blow dryer makes the hair brittle. Even hot water rinses or showers are harmful to the hair. Use warm water and put the dryer or iron on a cool setting.

In addition to all these tips be sure to drink plenty of water and eat the right types of food to make your hair beautiful.

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